Types and Styles of Carpets: Which is the Best?

The structure of the carpet and blanket is mainly a high-grade floor decoration material which is made of animal hair, plant hemp, synthetic fiber and the like, and is processed by knitting, cutting and the like.

Suitable for occasions:


The carpet has the characteristics of soft texture, comfortable foot and safe use. weighted blanket autism. It is especially suitable for the floor decoration of the bedroom, living room and study room in the family. In the home decoration carpet full or as a local decoration of the ground, can achieve satisfactory decorative effect.

Art Value:

The carpet has a high artistic value. After decoration, it can reflect the noble, gorgeous, beautiful and style, and it has the function of heat insulation and moisture resistance.

Construction style is classified from the weaving technique

There are two types of carpets: pure wool and chemical fiber. cheap carpets and free fitting. Pure wool carpets are divided into hand-woven and woven.

  • The former is a pure wool carpet product produced by traditional manual craftsmanship
  • The latter is a purely wool carpet product developed by the modern machine.

Hand-woven carpets have a long history in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia and other places, and foreign countries such as Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Australia and other countries also have production. Due to the different carpet cultures, different regional styles have been formed on the patterns, colors and styles of the carpet.

Pure wool carpet

  • The hand-knitted pure wool carpet is made of high-quality sheep wool yarn, dyed by modern dyeing technology, hand-woven by the weaving workers according to the design artwork, and then the surface of the carpet is cut by special machinery or the periphery of the concave flower is cut. Finally, the chemical is used. The method washes out the mercerizing.
  • Woven pure wool carpets are machine-made, which improves work efficiency and saves manpower. Therefore, the price is lower than that of hand-woven carpets, but its performance is similar to that of hand-knitted pure wool carpets. It is between hand-woven pure wool carpets and chemical fiber carpets. A medium to high-grade carpet is often used in hotels, conference rooms, banquet halls, residences, etc.


Chemical fiber carpet

The chemical fiber carpet is made by chemically synthesizing Weiwei as raw material and processed into a surface layer fabric, which is glued with the backing material.

  • According to the different chemical fibers used, it is divided into polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, acrylic fiber carpet, nylon chemical fiber carpet, polyester chemical fiber carpet and so on.
  • According to the weaving method, it can be divided into tufted chemical fiber carpet, needled chemical fiber carpet, woven chemical fiber carpet and printed chemical fiber carpet.

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